Australian Image Originals

Dynamic, documentary and expressive Travel photography with interests in people, landscape, culture, architecture, ancient civilizations, events, nature and wildlife. We have travelled extensively to over 50 countries in all continents, from Antarctica to Iceland, and from Pagan to Peru. We also have experience in closeup and macro photography, in events, in making composite images and in combining photgraphic images with computer graphics.

Have camera: will travel!

South Australia

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Studio facilities are available.

Mainly work in the field. Limited studio facilities, mainly for small scale subject matter such as craft work and jewellery (jewelry)

Recent Clients

  1. Joseph Muhlhausen, USA
  2. Alan Lambert, Australia
  3. Gary Bartram, UK
  4. Christopher Brown, Turkey
  5. many private buyers of large original prints


  1. Award for travel photograph of Iceberg by Adventure Associates, Australia
  2. Solo Photography show on Antarctica. Photo Gallery in Adelaide, Australia.
  3. Photography used as a component of Computer Generated Images in several solo and groups exhibitions.
  4. Finalist in Wild section of Asia Without Borders, 2009.
  5. Gold & Bronze Awards - International Apeture Awards - 2010, 2011